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Empathetic Evangelism

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One of the biggest challenges for many Christians is sharing our faith. At church things all seems clear and coherent and compelling. We hear the call to share Good News with others. We are excited but nervous. We get so nervous we try to avoid evangelism. The problem is that the only reasons not to share are bad reasons. Are you ashamed of the gospel? Are you afraid of what others think of you? Not wanting to be an unfaithful Christian, church people take classes and make commitments to get out …

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David’s Story of Integrity

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Question: Some argue that imperfect Old Testament leaders, like David, are proof that we should not have high standards for our political leaders. Is that right? What does David’s story tell us about the role of sinful men in government leadership? Goliath David would not wear Saul’s armor to fight the offending enemy of God’s people. Everyone thought he was throwing his life away, and throwing away the chance of winning the contest. The story of David and Goliath is a story of integrity and faith. Saul David would not betray the …

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Beauty > Ugliness

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I admit it. I am weak. I’ve always hated the fact that I live in a world where ugliness at a soulish level is rewarded and celebrated. I tried to be hard, harsh, unconcerned about the vulnerable, but I could not sustain it. I was changed. Since then I have been seeking community that will not give into ugliness; even when it means sacrifices of power, popularity, and wealth.   In my weakness I am sad. I’m saddened watching ugliness exalted as a means of fighting other forms of ugliness. There is no beauty in this, just variations …