Biblical Story

5 Points of the Biblical Story

  1. YHWH is love.  All that is lovely and capable of love is from Him.  He is the source of everything good because he is the creator of all else.
  2. Man has been unloving.  Following deceiving spirits and the allure of pride, we have tried to find good outside of love; we have failed.
  3. YHWH is faithful love.  Even after trying to live outside of God’s love and way of life, God came and lived out love as a man and died for the unloving things man has done but rose from death to life to give us the hope of entering back into peace with God and his love.
  4. Man is invited to give and receive love YHWH’s way.  Where we were unfaithful in love before, by God’s grace we can become faithful in love.
  5. YHWH will return to put an end to the world that has been ruined from unloving and will complete the creation of a new world where love will rule.

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