A simple outline of the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7

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!!!!You can be blessed!!!!5:3-10

Blessed: Righteous but Persecuted – Kingdom of Heaven 5:11-20

-Blessed: Peacemakers – sons of God 5:21-26

–Blessed: Pure in heart – see God 5:27-37

—Blessed: Merciful – receive mercy 5:38-47

Central point = grow up to be who God intended you to be when he made you in his image 5:48

Central practice = don’t try to look right, actually seek right from God. 6:1

—Blessed: Hunger and thirst for righteousness – satisfied

–Blessed: Meek – inherit the earth 6:5-15

-Blessed: Mourn – comforted 6:15-18

Blessed: Poor in Spirit – Kingdom of Heaven 6:19-24

  • Physically: Don’t be anxious about food, clothes etc., seek 1st God’s Kingdom and righteousness. Pursue stuff from a position of being aligned with God, not separately. 6:25-34
  • Relationally: Don’t rush about trying to fix others. Ask God to fix you and you will know better and better how to show appropriate love to others. 7:1-14
  • Spiritually: Don’t fall for spiritual image(looking good), take the time to find the way to spiritual substance. 7:15-27
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