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Easy answer: I want ETERNAL achievements, not temporal ones.

Actual answer: What was the question??

I have to figure out my AT&T bill.  Don’t want to start the debate till i get my facts straight.  Can’t figure out the facts.  Should just talk to them directly.  But I don’t want to start the debate till i get my facts straight.


Should I want eternal achievements or temporal ones?  Yeah, I figured that was the question.  The problem is that I live in the temporal world and am squeezed by it.  How to I abide in the eternal while actually abiding in a temporal mind, body and context??

QT is one answer.  Old spiritual disciplines is a slightly deeper answer.  But the fundamental challenge is using temporal dynamics to direct oneself to trans-temporal ideals.  Hungry, fidgeting, perceiving, wondering and wandering.    The naturalistic identity is rather loud.  Sometimes hard to find the the transcendent identity.  Quite the fight, actually.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  (I wonder how hard it was??)

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