and then he wants Isaac

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“and then he wants Isaac” wrote a friend working overseas.  I cannot get the challenge of impermanence out of my head.  I see it everywhere.  My friend describes it in light of sacrificially going to the unreached, leaving a dynamic career to do it, and being on his fourth major assignment, partly due to being punished by repressive governments forcing him out of where he really wanted to make a difference.  Now he serves faithfully, away from what was familiar when he started serving overseas but also away from the dramatic ideal of upg (unreached people group) that was the identifiable treasure he launched out to pursue.  Now, more ministry than ‘m*i*s*s*i*o*n’, the Isaac of clear significance is on the altar.

Trust and obey, there is no other way.  But trust and obey is not a threshold, unfortunately, to pass on through to the other side.  It is a moving challenge, it is a part of anicca, havel, impermanence in a fallen world of rebellion.  It is the burden of counter revolutionary loyalists.  It is the story we must live if we are to live well.  It is hard.

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