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December 11th we closed our internet account.  We moved out of a condo to make room for someone else who needed it.  Since then we’ve stayed in a couple of other places, and eventually came back where we started.  It has then taken 10 days for AT&T to get us back online.  Wow.

The funny thing is how my writing slowed when I wasn’t also blogging.  There is something about jotting down a short note that is passively public; just out there.  It starts up the hope of connection which then encourages a braver effort and writing in private for a future time of sharing.

The point?  Connecting.  We need to connect with one another.  We need unity and diversity all the time.  We need to be distinct, personal, private; to experience solitude.  But we also need to be unified, affiliated, incorporated; to experience community.

The seemingly bizarre doctrine of the Trinity (if you ever read Jehovah’s Witness stuff) is actually quite familiar.  Unity, One God; diversity, Father/Son/Spirit.  Unity and diversity as the highest ideal, the divine… God.  Unity and diversity as daily calibration of living well.  Me and We.  Imago Dei.

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