becoming Telos by speaking

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“Be ye Telos as your Father in Heaven is Telos” is making me a Xelot again. In order to really think this out, so I can live this out, I am starting this page. I want to let ideas that are swirling solidify through articultation so they can be duly evaluated, and then rejected or embraced.

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  1. “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant and sacrifice to God.” -Ephesians 5:1-2 NIV

    Telos is found in the act (verb) of “doing” or “sacrificial” living. We will never “arrive” at telos, until we are caught up with Him and become like Him.
    We will simply press on toward the goal, not making excuses for our sin, but coming to Him with an “open hand” (as my brother taught me many years ago) and then confessing them to Him, and He is faithful to forgive us of all unrightousness. When we are not living as He commands through His Word, then we are not quick to give mercy to others and love like we have been given freely by Him. When we recognize our “incompleteness”
    then we are able to love others and have mercy on others. When we live with pride rather than mercy and love, that pride separates us from others. Living with pride in our hearts and minds we tend to make ourselves better than others. This causes us to look down on and be un-merciful and un-loving towards others.
    We must remember, without Christ’s mercy, by Him stepping down from the throne to be crucified on a cross, we would not know mercy and love in the only way to know it, and only through His perfect example of telos.
    By Him and for His purpose, we have been given the perfect example of telos, but we cannot take this as something we can finish in our life but the goal of having a complete relationship with the only completed one and only Jesus, the Savior of “His people”.

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