“Blessed” “Kingdom of Heaven” “Righteousness”

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We are going to give lots of discussion for some details for those who want to think a little more deeply on what is being said (and not being said) in the Sermon. I have written a relative straight forward reading of Matthew 5:11-20, what follows is a bit more back groung.

Let’s consider the words of Jesus as recorded by Matthew. It is very likely that they are translations from Aramaic (the Hebrew of Jesus’ day) to Koine Greek, the common language of the day (like English is worldwide today). Matthew is writing to show how Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises of the Kingdom through David. There are assumptions that the readers will keep that in mind as they listen to what is being said. Luke is writing to gentiles. He has to say things in a way that are more of a meaning based translated. Sort of like speaking to people who live in Thailand we could write “then she said ‘jai yen’ na kha” or even “then she said ‘cool your heart’, please” and people aware of Thai should understand. If you were to write to people in the USA who aren’t familiar with Thai idioms, you would write: “then she politely said to calm down”. Comprende?

I will add each post separately so it doesn’t seem to long.

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