Tidying Up

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  Christopher Robin: Your website is a mess. It needs to be tidied up. Eeyore: It’ll probably just get messy again, anyway. But, thanks for noticing.   I’ll be looking to redesign a web presence for my teaching materials. Suggestions are welcome!

Jesus is Right

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This is what I mean when I say “Jesus is right”: Which is a greater risk: 1. telling my kids that idealism is awesome while living pragmatism and consumerism or 2. risking loss while trying to embody everything that makes life valuable? Like the man who found a treasure in a field,  my wife Karla and I did not go into difficult situations in the US and overseas reluctantly. We saw the value of the treasure, we liquidated our assets, partnered with friends eager to join in the sacrifice through their support, and we went …

Boomtown Grovers – Not Goliath

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Fantasy Premiere League teams are being formed around the globe.  My team is named for my neighborhood coffee shop and a formula for finding things. Boomtown is a local coffee shop branded with an adventurous promise of joyous success. Grover’s algorithm is about intentional concessions to meaningfully pursue the hope of finding what you are looking for. What is behind the buzz for competitors is the principle of indirect companionship through a shared interest.  This is especially true for someone like me who has the often awkward task of trying to talk …