Retraining former rebels

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Monday: work is good Tuesday: work is hard Wednesday: we need to work for the King, not against him Thursday: we have to retrain under the King to learn his ways, not our old ways. The cool thing about being a rebel is that you don’t actually have to build things, you mainly just mess things up. To be a rebel you reject authority, get an attitude, and start destroying. You have the image of being bold, decisive, wild, exciting… But in reality, being a rebel is not that satisfying. …

The World We All Want

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This is a nicely concise telling of the Christian message of hope for the world at large. The World We All Want: Course overview We all dream of a better world – a world of security, plenty and friendship. Christians believe that God promises just such a new world. The Bible is the story of God making that promise and keeping it. The World We All Want is for people who are interested in the message of the Bible. Developed by the Crowded House, The World We All Want … – bless the baker!

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The weekly cycle for devotion: 1. Monday 2. Tuesday 3. Wednesday 4. Thursday 5. Friday Biblical Story: 1. Creation 2. Fall 3. Redemption 4. Transformation 5. Completion Personal awareness: 1. Notice good…  2. notice bad…  3. good over bad in Christ… 4. good can overcome bad in me through Christ… 5. the final result of good over bad is a completed creation. A completed creation: Dough is good Yeast is added (don’t eat it alive, it’s bad for you) Mix causes change Change rises over time Fiery completion kills the …