Bible exposition

Colossians as a guide to what makes a good church

  1. What is church?
  2. What is the goal of church?
  3. What should church NOT be about?
  4. What should church be about helping us do?
  5. What makes a church a good one?
  6. What can I be doing to help make my church a good one?
What is church?  Colossians 1:2 
brothers and sisters = a family whose common relative is the Messiah of God
What is the goal of church? 1:9-10 (… 1:13) and restated in verse 28.
The goal of church is to be increasingly wise in relating to God and others such that we live well, with gratitude, as we grow up more and more.
What should church NOT be about?  Colossians 2:16-23
Church should not be about rules, including what you consume or when you have ‘services’.  It is also not about following a guru.  Lot’s of that kind of stuff seems spiritual, but doesn’t work.
‘Work’ refers back to the goal of the church, to grow in wise and grateful living in God’s world.
What should church be about helping us do?  Colossians 3:1-17
treasuring – Christ as your real life and hope [3:1-4]
put off – Dead and dirty ways of the world [3:5-11]
put on  – Love in all its characteristics [3:10-14]
live out – Gratitude in community [3:15-17]
The rest of the book describes what that looks like.  The Story of Christ and his church (Colossians 1:15-23) is displayed in relationships.  Colossians 3:18 and following describe how people should relate to one another, including a list of personal names Paul and others are actually working with to see this happen.
Church is about the messiah of God forming a family that works toward God’s ways in a world that doesn’t.  

So what makes a church a good one?  What is necessary?  What is optional?  How is your church doing?  What part are you playing in that?
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