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long term transitioning

Why did the critter cross the road?  Well, we know what the answer should be.  But sometimes transitioning becomes more permanent than we intend.
In 2007 Karla and I started transitioning from overseeing the work we had originally come to Asia to do.  It was in good hands and we were ready to move on.  We released the work and began to transition.  We should be done soon.
In 2008 our first child left the nest and adventured off to the USA for college.  The rest of us packed up and moved to England for a fresh start.  We lived in a colleague’s house for months, waiting approval to move into our own townhouse.  By Christmas we were unpacking, and discussing our next transition.  I had been asked to return to Asia to oversee some work and eventually I agreed it was the right thing for us to do.
By the summer of 2009 we were saying goodbye in England and starting up again in Asia.  We had one year until we transitioned our second child, and then one more year to transition our youngest.  During that time, we finished our assignment and Karla and I transitioned ourselves to a transitional condo in Houston.  It was time to start focusing on transition. (!?!)
For a year we tried to keep up with speaking opportunities and to take care of loose ends.  By spring it became increasingly clear that the paint crew had come and we were fixtures of transition on the road of life.  We talked with our leadership about postponing a fresh overseas transition and instead began a local transition.
So, this morning I’m unpacking in a nice townhouse in a trendy part of Houston. I don’t know how long we will be here, and I’m not even sure how to think about it.  Like the charming yellow striped road kill I seem to have made transition relatively permanent.  Even this blog is in permanent transition.
I like writing here because I really do feel as if I’m talking to myself.  When I get an occasional comment, it is a surprise.  That’s all good, because it helps me to be a bit more honest and less self-aware.  But… I am in transition.
I have a new site that is part of my intentional teaching ministry.  Actually there are two of them:  and

The first one is where I have a place for my 5 columns ideas.  It is in transition.  I will continue to work with to eventually have a robust and accessible explanation of the diagram for integrating a Christian worldview and our experiences.  The one with my name is currently something I am using to interact with feedback on a preaching series on the Sermon on the Mount.  Combined, the worldview diagram and a tree diagram of the Sermon on the Mount make up about 90% of my Christian focus.  I use the 2 diagrams for devotions, catechism, counseling, evangelism, discipleship, theodicy, etc.  But they aren’t finished yet; they are still in transition.

permanent impermanence

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  1. Russell, Enjoyed reading your transitional post.
    Foxes have holes and birds have nests but..
    We completely understand, we are in our transition also (hence the traveling to AK) Transition is a way of life for many who have given years as you and Karla have and others we know. Praying for you.

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