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How can I be a faithful Christian without being delusional?

The Story is sometimes told in 4 parts:

  • God made everything good.
  • Humanity turned everything bad.
  • Jesus’ good overcame our bad.
  • Trust Jesus and everything will be good.

That is a near miss. It is a painful near miss.

What the Story offers is a way of death to life. Take up your cross and follow the one who sacrificially loves everyone, even enemies. That Story anticipates hardships and uncertainty.

The Story told in 5 parts:

  • God made everything good.
  • Humanity turned everything bad.
  • Jesus’s good overcame our bad.
  • Trusting Jesus and his way of sacrificial love starts something new and lasting.
  • One day goodness will flourish more than we can imagine.

The difference in the two tellings of the Story is massive. The four-part Story tempts people to pretend they understand and experience more clarity than they do. When suffering and uncertainty happen people often double down on delusion “Everything is awesome!” or lose confidence and drift toward despair.

The five-part Story anticipates uncertainty about God. We know true things about God, but we only know in part, and even then it is a cloudy reflection (1 Cor. 13). The world is still a dangerous place and we often experience such grief that words are inadequate (Romans 8). But our hearts really can be renewed to look back and see God’s faithfulness and to look forward to God’s blessed hope. Faith and hope stabilize us to continually take up our own cross and follow Jesus and his way of life: sacrificial love.


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