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I’m trying again.  I’m gonna try and produce a finished model of the biblical story. I find that I don’t edit well.  If I don’t manage to start and finish something in one sitting, I have to start all over the next time.  I sure would like to overcome that one day.  But for today, it’s a fresh run!

What CrownHeartWorld is about:
The Big Story affects our Personal Story.  Living my life well depends, in part, on my understanding of what life is all about.  I’ve gone through a few efforts at understanding the Big Story of life and meaning and stuff.  The challenge is experience.

Worldview beta = God is good and so is life.  That was my first draft.  It didn’t work past 5th grade.  The problem of evil showed itself as more than a localized bump.

Worldview 2.0 = Life is random and meaning is a joke without a punch line.  I went through various upgrades, thanks mainly to European existentialist authors.  It was even a bit cool to be a cynical teenager, so I was hopeful I had found the Big Story = no story.  Just do whatever.  But stuff mattered, and I couldn’t figure out why.  The feeling that my life was actually part of something bigger, and that how I lived my life mattered, would not go away.

Worldview 3.0 = God is revealed in Jesus and he is the key to understanding life.  I’m now on Jesus 3.7 for my worldview.  My understanding has been shaped by reading the biblical texts, experiencing life all over the world, re-reading the texts, etc.  What I am currently up to is a framework of reality that seems proportional to what Jesus has taught and what I experience in my life, and in the lives of others.

What my current worldview seeks to answer are a relatively small set of basic questions.  The mixing and matching of these questions, and the development of them is interesting and all, but I keep coming back to some basics.

1. Why is there something instead of nothing?
2. Why do some things seem good (right) and other things seem bad (wrong)?
3. Is good or bad greater?
4. Why do people have such different views on pursuing good and bad?
5. Is there a way to rightly pursue good over bad in my life?
6. Why is it so hard to understand and live a good life?
7. What difference will it make if I do live for good?

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