Daffodils and Petunias

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Annuals:(like petunias) by definition are plants whose life cycle lasts only one year, from seed to blooms to seed. Removing the flowers as they fade prolongs the blooming cycle, but if left to produce seeds, many annuals will readily reseed themselves. Annuals are usually available in little starter ‘six packs’ or in 4 inch ‘color spots’. They are an excellent way to create a great splash of summer color in the garden, or for long blooming annual baskets.

Perennials (like daffodils) like old friends return year after year, growing in size and stature until they reach their full maturity. Although they live on longer, many perennials lose their vigor after 3-4 years, and should be replaced. Most perennial plants may be divided to produce new plants, or they may be grown from seeds or cuttings. Perennials are available as 4 inch starters, or in gallon size or larger pots.

Petunia ministries: do good from the overflow of your own community. It helps share goodness in a field needing goodness. Must be repeatedly planted from the outside.

Daffodil ministries: develop ways for a community to have ongoing goodness from themselves. Might need help from time to time to get refreshed.


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