Biblical Story

Daniel’s Aramaic Message- don’t be fooled by worldly power, God is greater

Chapter 1 Introduces the Hebrew plight.
Chapter 2 (v 4) begins the Aramaic section, going through chapter 7
Chapters 2/3/4-567 are in the broader language of the ancient world (Aramaic) and have a basic message highlighted by the structure of this section.
2 – Dream about kingdoms shows that God is sovereign and gives revelation
   3 – idolatry vs. God ends in salvation for those who trust God, and broad proclamation 
      4 – Ruler testifies that he was crazy not to follow the true God
      5 – Ruler shows that it was crazy to mock the true God
   6 – idolatry vs. God ends in salvation for the one who trusts God, and broad proclamation
7 – Dream about kingdoms shows that God is sovereign and gives revelation
So, in the broadly used language, this is the message people might get:
God is sovereign over history and gives revelation through his prophets.
Trusting God, even when it seems dangerous, is the way to salvation; everyone should hear this.
Some of the most powerful people in the world have made the mistake of not heeding this.  Unless they repented, it ended very badly for them.
When we move on to Daniel 8-12, we need to keep the basic message of in mind (God’s Kingdom is greater than worldly kingdoms).  Likewise, that is why we read the gospels with Jesus talking about the Kingdom of God over 100 times.  The gospel/good news proclamation is that God is the ruler and he is revealed in Christ.   Trusting in Christ is bowing to the true King as our rescuer (savior) who is Sovereign (lord).  We then actively seek to trust God over circumstances, even when it looks very dangerous to do so. This tends to lead to the news spreading, that God is great, and that ignoring or rejecting God is much more dangerous.
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