Re-learning to Drive – America 20.15

Driving becomes easy with familiarity.

Driving becomes easy with familiarity. It can be so easy we sometimes end up somewhere we did not mean to go because we get distracted and go into auto-pilot.

“Wait, what? I was going to their new apartment!!”.

Knowing How to Drive and Driving Well Are Not the Same

Keep walking and remember to “smile”!

As an American in Thailand I had to learn to drive on the opposite side of the road.

I also had to learn some Yin/Yang flow and let go of specific boundaries.

I’m kind of flexible so I actually enjoyed the challenge.

Then I moved to London.

I thought it would be easy since I was already used to driving on the left.

What I was not used to was British sensibilities towards rules, nor their economic seriousness in regard to fines.

Driving in unfamiliar territory where mistakes are costly is exhausting!

Driving in unfamiliar territory where mistakes are costly is exhausting!

I am now living in America but the rules of the road are changing. I am learning from my past and taking a pre-emptive “defensive driving course”.

I grew up in an America where a white dominated Judeo-Christian worldview seemed assumed. It appeared to me that we were the good guys. We took the fight to evil abroad and we modeled prosperity and cheerfulness at home. We were so good that we even began to generously “give” non-whites more freedoms, respect and dignity. I do not see things the same in 2015. Things have changed.

I do not see things the same in 2015. Things have changed.

The Good Ol’ Days…

Yes, I have fond memories of riding without a seatbelt; even riding in the back of a pickup truck overflowing with rowdy kids. I’m glad those are happy memories. I am as prone to nostalgia as the next person.

But now I am glad my infant grandson is buckled into a rear facing car seat.

What I hear from some of my fellow white “Judeo-Christians” is that the “good ol’ days” have only changed for the worse. Yes, there have been some changes that are for the worse. America has changed and it is still changing. But I have changed as well.

I now realize that America has not always steered its course as wisely or virtuously as it should have (and could have). I am glad that I was taught to be nice to poor black people who helped care for me and my sisters when we visited the country homestead. I now wish I was taught earlier and clearer why I never saw white women caring for the children of black women.

History of nations are complicated. The stories that are told, and the stories that are not told, map out very intentional ways of seeing and choosing.

Relearning Is Humbling But Helpful

My mapping apps have my house and my work and my family and friends and favorite places visible. That way I do not get distracted by all the places I do not want to go. But I need to find a new dentist soon.  I need to consider what is missing on my map so I can deal with problems that have not gotten better on their own.

Relearning is important for me. PerkinsIt is also important for those who will follow.
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