Effective Missions?

The goal is people immersed in the reality of the Triune God who is holy love.

We must first seek to live in this immersion.

We do this from our hearts and with our fellow believers using our gifts to build one another up in Christ likeness (the Adam we ought to be, fully human and fully dependent on the Father).

In our drawing near to God we replace our wrong thinking about ourselves and others with His view (the actual definition of ‘repent’ in the NT).

Drawing near to God propels people to reach out to the lost.

Craving affirmation and belonging and status will also motivate people to go evangelize.

A system that intentionally capitalizes on the ability to manipulate people to do their religious duty is routinely condemned by God.

Such a system has the illusion of honoring God but and is easily confused as being ‘blessed by God’.

God can work real blessing in spite of religiously manipulative systems but we will be held accountable if we promote them.

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