Ephesians 2 Peace on the Construction Site

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The way things were

Dead in rebellion

Used to ‘walk’

World path


Prince of the power of the air

Who is that?

Spirit in people who by nature are disobedient

We all were those

Driven by physical and mental desires

God’s general response?

Wrath and our anti-life with typical humanity

God’s specific response?

Loved us and gave us love that gives life

How are we saved from deadly world/path?

Resurrection with Christ, and act of grace

Where does that put us?

Seated with Christ on the throne from which the Father’s will is executed


We will be a display of God’s amazing goodness towards us in times to come

How do we show his goodness?

Grace of God which shows up in us trusting him (faith) that results in us living well

What does this salvation NOT do?

Give us an excuse to brag or to be lazy

What does God have as our destiny

We and the things we do are good works

So remember

One an outsider, now an insider by the victory of Christ

And remember

Christ is our peace, more of him means more real peace (take the time to learn and live this)

How do we have this peace???

We are included in THE project. We are the community in which God will dwell more and more (and the door is open for more)

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