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God assigned man as the royal regent over creation. A serpent (creature) appeals to hidden treasures (fruit of the knowledge of good and evil) in spite of God’s royal decree.
The royal regent foolishly rebels in pursuit of the treasure and finds himself banished; outcasts.
Now the world is cursed. Access to God is blocked and man’s heart is dead in rebellion. Humanity looks to the world and worships the creation instead of the Creator (Romans 1:18ff).
This is how life seems. Nature is wild and dangerous and people learn to be the same. Sexual immorality, violence, selfish agression; as the world goes so goes the heart of man. Humanity has lost sight of God and tragically gets entagled in ongoing deception for the powers and principalities who have usurped the rule abdicated by Adam. The sin of Adam is the source of the tragic world we now see on nature documentaries as well as on news broadcasts. The kingdom has fallen upside down.
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