Grammar Nazis and 2015 Clarity

Russell Minick think~be~do

“Grammar nazis” are cursed with a gift. Seeing the beauty and clarity of how grammar is meant to work trumps their awareness that people without the gift live full and meaningful lives. They are compelled by their lucidity to challenge normal communication, even if it leaves them with no one to communicate with…
I mean: “with whom to communicate” (I think).

Conceptual conciseness without loss of dimensional nimbleness is my cursed gift.

I fail to benefit from systems of organization, diet, exercise and finances that help multitudes of normal people. Even when I see how effective something is for someone I respect, I am compelled to obsess over exaggerated claims and neglected exceptions. Occasional vindications of the value of my cursed gift fuel my intransigence. For all the times my unwillingness to “just go with it” have cost me in failing to get reimbursed or to commit to an exercise regimen, it only takes one time of being right to stay obstinate in my conceptual obsession.
But I am tired of wasting money due me, of not being fit as I should be and of trying to find excuses that avoid the obvious: I’m doing it wrong. No, this doesn’t mean I need to back up and follow the latest amazing trend that is yet to be exposed as imperfect. This means I need to be who I already am, but more so.

My biggest conceptual conciseness success so far is Crown Heart World.

It is not my most meaningful one, though. “Local leaders with the Vision, Resources and Momentum to reach their own people and beyond with the Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom” was my most significant simplification. That sentence, with a one page expansion of each word, replaced a lengthy “Master Plan” for reaching an unreached people group with the Christian message and patterns of life. To this day that one sentence explained on one page has proved to be conceptually sound and profoundly practical and effective.
So why don’t I do the same for my own life? That’s a good question; I will try. What follows is my fresh attempt at a single sentence, explained on a single page, that makes sense and makes a difference. Here goes:

Clarify my life’s physical, relational and spiritual “Ideal and Real” to live better.

  • Clarify = Articulate, track and evaluate.
  • my life’s = I am a self-aware mind/body living a mortal life in time and space. This is all I KNOW, everything else is faith and hope.
  • physical, =  My body and resources (e.g. finances).
  • relational, =  My giving and receiving with others.
  • spiritual = How I use my will in regard to identity and actions.
  • “Ideal” = What I claim to value.
  • and “Real” = What I actually do.
  • to live = Making choices is life.
  • better. = I am involved in my reactions and actions, but I believe life is better (more appropriate and satisfying) when I take ownership of my actions in a constructive way. This is because integrity reduces fear, and fear is the enemy of love, and love is the point of life.

That’s it. My resolution for 2015 is now summed up in one sentence:

Clarify my life’s physical, relational and spiritual “Ideal and Real” to live better.

It sounds good and all, but it better work. I’d hate to think I hadn’t been making any progress:

Shalom-out, y’all!

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