Greg Matte’s sermon on Jn 15 ABIDE

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Followers of Jesus are not meant to live in the muck.  We are meant to be lifted up onto the trestle where we can live clean.  Our objective is to be unhindered in our connection to the vine.  By focusing on abiding in the vine we are fulfilling our purpose.  Productivity is a by-product.

Application: distinguish identity and role.  Abide in Christ, find identity in him, frees us from the tyranny of productivity/achievement.  And, it tends to result in ample productivity anyway.

Problem aspect: unproductive burned up.
Answer: 1 Corinthians 3 judgment of works, we are still saved, but as through fire.

IF we don’t abide in Christ all of our self produced achievements will be burned up in an instant.  The only way to have lasting achievements is to abide.

So, for me, what does that look like?  Abiding seems to be settling in, taking up residence; unpacking.  For me to abide I need to unpack my stuff.  Ideally I will sort through things, getting rid of clutter and ordering my space.  But even if I’m a bit slobbish, abiding still means I’m at home.  Belonging is not undermined, not fundamentally, by being messy.  Essentially it just impedes enjoying the goodness.  Reasonable tidiness is much more efficient, pleasant and courteous than sloppiness.

So the metaphor pushes toward experiencing Shalom in the Father’s home as a legit son, full stop.  From that security, not seeking for security, tidying up stuff is a wise and good pursuit.

As for productivity, the critical decision is do i want eternally lasting achievements or will temporal achievements be enough? 

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