Health is good; illness isn’t

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Rainy and chilled London can give one more than just sniffles. I have had a hard time sleeping for the last week. I’m not well. But I can’t resist going out with the lads for Monday night football training, even if it is in a wind driven nearly freezing rain. Then I get home and rethink, was that wise? I just want to be healthy.

Healthy… as in “the way things should be”. I want my body to function as intended, including energy and creativity and productivity. I want the same in my relationships. Ultimately, it is what I want for the core of me, of my spirit, my will.

As I tried to pursue the goodness that I knew was better than illness, I learned that cough syrups are really not such a good idea (except maybe to be less annoying to those around you). They do not move toward health, they just suspend some of the consequences.

Cough syrups. In winter, nonprescription cough syrups practically fly off the drugstore shelves. But the American College of Chest Physicians strongly discourages the use of these medications because they’re not effective at treating the underlying cause of cough due to colds.

I then thought of other shortfalls in regard to real health; physical, relational, spiritual health. I have to admit I am much more dependent on ‘cough syrup’ type coping than I should be. Health is not about managing the symptoms of a floundering life, it is about pursuing a fulfilling and integrated life, even if it means having to cope with the lingering symptoms while pursuing that health.

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.

God makes a world that defines health. Alienation from God introduces a fall from health. Temporary tactics make life ok, but only full and complete reconciliation to God will ultimately deal with the hope of wellness and the abolition of illness, for the body, and the soul.

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  1. that makes a lot of sense. i really like that analogy of the cough syrup. that we would prefer to ‘whitewash’ the walls instead of scrub out the tomb. its hard to do the other though. thats for sure.

  2. yep, it is hard. So, we have to be able to see clearly enough that the slow, chronic difficulty of being not so well is worse than the acute pain of change. Then, and only then, do we get around to paying the price to do what we can to be well.hope you are well and getting more well 😉

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