Heartlands Movie

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Heartlands, a double entendre referring to middle England and the hearts from which we live. Colin, a frumpy clerk at a convenience store plays darts with his mates in the evenings and stares at his store all but empty store during the day. Colin is a simple man, and he just wants to enjoy his simple little life, with his simple (bored) wife, in his simple (resigned) little community.
The tragic twist is his wife leaving him for the crude copper and captain of the darts team. Colin is crushed, and doubly so when the team goes to Blackpool without him (but with his wife) for a dream darts tournament.
Colin is broken, but challenged by an old codger to consider fighting for what matters. So, Colin gets on his Honda 50 scooter and heads off for Blackpool, the Vegas of the North. What he finds is a world of simple people and simple wonders that are ever more nice than his ungrateful little simple world that left him. He eventually catches up to his wife, the cop and the darts team. What happens next is uncertain, because this movie was made from the heart, not hollywood.

Great flick for anglophiles who are reassured by quirky characters and a willingness to let a complex world be unprocessed by formulas or speeches; experienced instead by simple encounters and unprocessed experiences.


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