Hebrews use of Telos

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Telos is amazingly thematic to the book of Hebrews!

(Hebrews 2:10) For1063 it became4241 him,846 for1223 whom3739 are all things,3956 and2532 by1223 whom3739 are all things,3956 in bringing71 many4183 sons5207 unto1519 glory,1391 to make the captain of their salvation TELOS5048, 3588, 747, 846, 4991 through1223 sufferings.3804

(Hebrews 5:9) And2532 being made TELOS,5048 he became1096 the author159 of eternal166 salvation4991 unto all3956 them that obey5219 him;846

(Hebrews 3:6) But1161 Christ5547 as5613 a son5207 over1909 his own848 house;3624 whose3739 house3624 are2070 we,2249 if1437, 4007 we hold fast2722 the3588 confidence3954 and2532 the3588 rejoicing2745 of the3588 hope1680 firm949 unto3360 TELOS.5056

(Hebrews 3:14) For1063 we are made1096 partakers3353 of Christ,5547 if1437, 4007 we hold2722 the3588 beginning746 of our confidence5287 steadfast949 unto3360 TELOS;5056

(Hebrews 5:14) But1161 strong meat4731, 5160 belongeth2076 to them that are TELOS,5046 even those who by reason of1223 use1838 have2192 their senses145 exercised1128 to4314 discern1253 both5037 good2570 and2532 evil.2556

(Hebrews 6:1) Therefore1352 leaving863 the3588 principles746 of the3588 doctrine3056 of Christ,5547 let us go on5342 unto1909 TELOS;5047 not3361 laying2598 again3825 the foundation2310 of repentance3341 from575 dead3498 works,2041 and2532 of faith4102 toward1909 God,2316

(Hebrews 6:8) But1161 that which beareth1627 thorns173 and2532 briars5146 is rejected,96 and2532 is nigh unto1451 cursing;2671 whose3739 TELOS5056 is to be burned.1519, 2740

(Hebrews 6:11) And1161 we desire1937 that every one1538 of you5216 do show1731 the3588 same846 diligence4710 to4314 the3588 PLEROMA4136 of hope1680 unto891 the TELOS:5056

(Hebrews 7:3) Without father,540 without mother,282 without descent,35 having2192 neither3383 beginning746 of days,2250 nor3383 TELOS5056 of life;2222 but1161 made like unto871 the3588 Son5207 of God;2316 abideth3306 a priest2409 continually.1519, 1336

(Hebrews 7:11) If1487 (3303) therefore3767 TELOS5050 were2258 by1223 the3588 Levitical3020 priesthood,2420 (for1063 under1909 it846 the3588 people2992 received the law,)3549 what5101 further2089 need5532 was there that another2087 priest2409 should rise450 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Melchizedek,3198 and2532 not3756 be called3004 after2596 the3588 order5010 of Aaron?2

(Hebrews 7:19) For1063 the3588 law3551 made nothing TELOS,5048, 3762 but1161 the bringing in1898 of a better2909 hope1680 did; by1223 the which3739 we draw nigh1448 unto God.2316

(Hebrews 7:28) For1063 the3588 law3551 maketh2525 men444 high priests749 which have2192 infirmity;769 but1161 the3588 word3056 of the3588 oath,3728 which3588 was since3326 the3588 law,3551 maketh the Son,5207 who is TELOS5048 forevermore.1519, 165

(Hebrews 8:5) Who3748 serve3000 unto the example5262 and2532 shadow4639 of heavenly things,2032 as2531 Moses3475 was admonished of God5537 when he was about3195 to TELOS2005 the3588 tabernacle:4633 for,1063 See,3708 saith5346 he, that thou make4160 all things3956 according2596 to the3588 pattern5179 showed1166 to thee4671 in1722 the3588 mount.3735

(Hebrews 9:6) Now1161 when these things5130 were thus3779 ordained,2680 the3588 priests2409 went1524 always1275 into1519 (3303) the3588 first4413 tabernacle,4633 TELOS2005 the3588 service2999 of God.

(Hebrews 9:9) Which3748 was a figure3850 for1519 the3588 time2540 then present,1764 in2596 which3739 were offered4374 both5037 gifts1435 and2532 sacrifices,2378 that could1410 not3361 make him that did the service TELOS,5048, 3588, 3000 as pertaining2596 to the conscience;4893

(Hebrews 9:11) But1161 Christ5547 being come3854 a high priest749 of good things18 to come,3195 by1223 a greater3187 and2532 TELOS5046 tabernacle,4633 not3756 made with hands,5499 that is to say,5123 not3756 of this5026 building;2937

(Hebrews 10:1) For1063 the3588 law3551 having2192 a shadow4639 of good things18 to come,3195 and not3756 the3588 very846 image1504 of the3588 things,4229 can1410 never3762 with those846 sacrifices2378 which3739 they offered4374 year by year2596, 1763 continually1519, 1336 make the comers thereunto TELOS.5048, 3588, 4334

(Hebrews 10:14) For1063 by one3391 offering4376 TELOS5048 forever1519, 1336 them that are sanctified.37

(Hebrews 10:22) Let us draw near4334 with3326 a true228 heart2588 in1722 PLEROMA4136 of faith,4102 having our hearts2588 sprinkled4472 from575 an evil4190 conscience,4893 and2532 our bodies4983 washed3068 with pure2513 water.5204

(Hebrews 11:22) By faith4102 Joseph,2501 when he TELOS,5053 made mention3421 of4012 the3588 departing1841 of the3588 children5207 of Israel;2474 and2532 gave commandment1781 concerning4012 his848 bones.3747

(Hebrews 11:40) God2316 having provided4265 some5100 better thing2909 for4012 us,2257 that2443 they without5565 us2257 should not3361 be made TELOS.5048

(Hebrews 12:2) Looking872 unto1519 Jesus2424 the3588 author747 and2532 TELOS5051 of our faith;4102 who3739 for473 the3588 joy5479 that was set before4295 him848 endured5278 the cross,4716 despising2706 the shame,152 and5037 is set down2523 at1722 the right hand1188 of the3588 throne2362 of God.2316

(Hebrews 12:23) To the general assembly3831 and2532 church1577 of the firstborn,4416 which are written583 in1722 heaven,3772 and2532 to God2316 the Judge2923 of all,3956 and2532 to the spirits4151 of just men1342 made TELOS,5048

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