His/My/Our Story

Russell Minick Crown Heart World, think~be~do

Tim Keller responds to journalist Martin Bashir’s question about his personal confidence that Christianity is true, noting the need for three dynamics to be viable: intellectual, personal and social.

Keller’s answers correspond to our Crown Heart World sketches:

His Story is the overall narrative of creation/fall/redemption/transformation/completion.  This macro-story is a framework for an intellectual understanding existence, good and bad, as well as a direction for meaning and hope.

Our Story is the invitation of Crown Heart World, to join a community where our primary identity is “in Christ”; redeemed people learning to live out that redemption in faith, hope and love.

My Story is a vision of what it would look like for me personally to root my life in His Story, alongside others.  This is where we use the imagery of Psalm 1, a tree planted by a stream, producing fruit in due season.

The clarification of these three concepts is vitally important for a thriving faith that is rooted in conviction, yet living and growing.  An underdeveloped sense of who we are, and what we are a part of, will lead toward confusion and ineffectiveness.  But what about an overdeveloped conviction?  What about a theological confidence and clarity on almost everything?  This creates the opposite problem of rigidity.  This often breeds arrogance and unnecessary hostilities.  When rigidity is confronted by overwhelming challenges of contrary facts or feelings it also becomes vulnerable to snapping.

Firm on the essential story, but fluid onbashir keller the implications of these convictions, yields a dynamic of humble confidence.  Churches who develop this type of framework more naturally produce a community of people growing deeply rooted such that they flourish in all seasons of life.


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