Certain observations are so seemingly obvious that there value seems questionable. Yet, we often function with ideas that are so simply wrong as to be dispelled if only exposed to the unstated obvious.

I am not self-existent. I do exist, but not from myself. There is something that causes me to exist. That something is my frame of reference. It is where I come from, and, critically, it is where time compels on toward. My ultimate fate is inescapably linked to the source of my existence. This is truly important. If I cannot reconcile with what is the actual cause and end of my existence my life will at best be a guess. Likely, failure to engage my cause and fate will lead to a failed life, now and then.

Options: impersonal nature has given rise to me and the world in which I find myself. If so, there is no personal reception for me when ‘life’ ceases. Thus, there is no real meaning, only sequence.

However, if my reflective self exists as a result of a self-existent Person, that Person is the key to everything. Do I have the courage to diligently pursue this One? And if so, how personal. Can I talk to the One in my head? Can I hear the One? Can I talk responsibly about this One?

The answers have to be yes. But courage is the right word. The world (people everywhere) gets caught up in the immediate. The immediate then determines the questions we ask and the answers we accept. The challenge is to have the appropriate intersection of the immediate and the ultimate. Treasuring that which is ultimate enough to see it, even when you have to look through, around and beyond all the stuff.

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