Jesus is Right

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This is what I mean when I say “Jesus is right”:

Which is a greater risk:
1. telling my kids that idealism is awesome while living pragmatism and consumerism or
2. risking loss while trying to embody everything that makes life valuable?

Like the man who found a treasure in a field,  my wife Karla and I did not go into difficult situations in the US and overseas reluctantly. We saw the value of the treasure, we liquidated our assets, partnered with friends eager to join in the sacrifice through their support, and we went to buy that field joyfully. It was the wisest investment tip we ever received.

We are grateful that our kids survived some of the riskier things they were exposed to, but we are more grateful:

  • that their exposure to the poor taught them generosity because the poor took us in and fed us and cared for us over and over again…
  • that their exposure to serving refugees fleeing war taught them to value giving more than receiving.

We dodged the bullets of treasuring mortal security & $tuff, and passing that on to our children, by striding forward into cross-carrying. Today I am grieved at how many people I see counting the costs and finding that the WAY of Jesus is simply not worth it.

I am convinced that what I am saying is more than a temporary social media trending fever. This is how I see life.

This is how the people I look up to see life.

This is how I want my grandson to see life.

This is what I understand following Jesus is.

This is what I mean when I say “Jesus is right”.



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