Kaka’ for Christ

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Spanish article:

Kaka’, the Brazillian footballer playing for the Italian club AC Milan, has won the Golden Ball for best player in Europe. Raised in a middle class family in Rio, Kaka’ is not the typical superstar. He and his long time sweetheart Caroline publicly declared their commitment to purity before marriage. Unlike many nightclub dwelling athletes Kaka’ is a man of modesty and restraint. By his own admission it has been difficult at times but is more than worth it. Now the married couple is announcing they are expecting their first child.

In speaking with Protestant Digital Kaka’ went on to reveal his plans after his football days end. He wants to be an evangelical pastor preaching the Bible. He wants to study theology and be well equipped to proclaim the Good News, but he is not waiting to let people know where his allegiances lie. Though I was personally deflated at Liverpool’s Champions league loss it was more than made up for by Kaka’ after game celebration:

The fact that a Portuguese speaking Brazilian playing for an Italian club has his message written in English tells me something:

Steven Gerrard, you this is for you!!!

Join us! then you really will


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