Kingdom in the Big Story Needs 5th Column

Russell Minick Crown Heart World

“The Creation/Fall/Redemption/Renewal paradigm is good, but doesn’t do justice to the role of Satan, spiritual warfare, & the kingdom of God.”

Yes.  Jon is right.  The main invitation in the New Testament is to enter into a Kingdom in conflict.  So shouldn’t our gospel presentations show that?  If so, wouldn’t that make the training involved being an effective part of the counter-revolutionary royalist movement make sense.

Or, in more contemporary church talk: The invitation to follow Jesus in a world that is not yet brought to completion makes church membership, for discipleship and service, more intuitive than focusing first on going to heaven when you die.

  1. Creation : God is King and we are regents.
  2. Separation: A revolution of The Creation vs. The Creator
  3. Redemption: Creator enters Creation and launches counter-revolution
  4. Revolution: We are invited into the King’s counter-revolution as royalists 
  5. Renewal: The Return of the King, the Ruin of Rebellion, and the Restoration of All Things



The 4th Column of 5 shows the world the church is engaged in.  Our identity is with the resurrected Christ.  The Creation is still in rebellion, and is broken, and stands defiantly between humanity and our Creator.  But by faith we look back on what God has done in Christ, and in hope we look forward to his promises of victory, and in love we then engage the world courageously.


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