Love via Think/Be/Do Cycles 

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Jesus says the goal/telos of life is love.

  1. Love the LORD in your thinking, being and doing.
  2. Love your neighbor as someone who is also created to love in their thinking, being and doing.

We pursue the goal via repentance, realignment and renewal.

Repentance changes our beliefs; how to think.

Realignment changes our identity; who to be.

Renewal changes our actions; what to do.

This dynamic forms a continuous growth cycle of THINK/BE/DO that begins and ends with Love. God’s love coming into us and then from us is developed through disciplines of study, prayer and practice.

Studying brings truth & grace before us.

Think? Death to Life [CrownHeartWorld]

Adam’s way was life to death. [Creation to Separation]

Jesus’ way was life to death to life. [Redemption]

Jesus’ disciples way is death to life. [Transformation to Completion]

Praying brings grace & truth into us.

Be? Simple to Deep

Declaring “Jesus is Lord” is simple and clear.

Following the Lord and his ways develops deep rootedness in the Kingdom of God.

Practicing brings grace & truth from us.

Do? Now to Next

Now we are in Christ but less complete in character and impact than we could be.

Next we aim to follow Christ to be more complete in character and impact through him.

love grows simple diagram

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