Bible exposition

Matthew Leads Us to the New Moses

Matthew introduced Jesus in his first three chapters.

  • Jesus was Abram’s promise born as Immanuel, God with us.
  • Strangers from The East believed that he was worth seeking.
  • Worldly leaders believed that he was worth killing.
  • Refuge in Egypt was followed by a return to the promised land
  • Eccentric cousin John plunged Jesus through the river.
  • The Heavens opened in Triune blessing.

Matthew’s fourth chapter reveals Jesus as the faithful Son Israel failed to be.

  • Jesus was divinely driven into the wilderness for a forty day version of Israel’s testing.
  • Jesus was tempted to be practical in his approach to human needs.
  • Jesus recounted the lessons of Moses for a better way in this world.
  • Jesus preached the same rethinking about Heaven & Earth his cousin preached.
  • Jesus called humanity to join him to bring healing and hope to humanity.
  • Jesus based on a highway of human diversity, the Decapolis.
  • Jesus brought signs of New Creation; physical, relational, and spiritual.

Jesus is ready to ascend the mountain as the promised new Moses.

  • We heard what Moses said.
  • What will Jesus say?
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