Mississippi Mud

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Drove from Houston to Baton Rouge.  From Louisiana to Hernando, Mississippi.  Had a free day and drove to Memphis.  Drove over to Arkansas and back.  Drove to Lafayette.  Now in Houston.

Crossed the Mississippi a lot.  Walked beside it.  It was the same and different.  It was anicca; impermanence displayed.  Same old river as Huck Finn stories.  Same Same but Different.

Took a moment at this monument for a man who could not swim, but could pilot a boat.  He bravely rescued a bunch of people when a luxury boat sank.  He was black, so it was particularly noteworthy (apparently).  
I wondered if the folks in Memphis were at all uncomfortable with the wording of the monument.  Negro.  Worthy Negro.  A Very Worthy Negro.  Well done Zev.
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