moving forward into the fog

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The #1 concept rattling about for me right now is life with limited knowledge.  Delusion (a huge fear of mine; partly because I dislike being around delusional people and don’t want to become one) is overconfidence in regard to knowledge.  Delinquency, the danger of anti-delusion, is my other big fear.  Somewhere between over-zealous belief and the dropout pattern from despair is the realm of ‘ought-ness’; the course of action based on information as best as can be discerned at the time.  That is what I have to get more comfortable with.

So does that mean grading knowledge?  I believe this is true at a level A, that at a level C… etc?  Or is it all more fluid than that?  Too fluid pools in pointlessness, too resolutely confident snaps under the weight of inconsiderate circumstances and other intrusions of reality.
Internalized Kung Fu metaphors.  That’s the answer.  OK, on with the day! (nothing like the power of limited insight!!) No time to explain, must act on limited knowledge.

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