Pauline usages of Telos

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Pauline uses of Telos


(Romans 2:27) And2532 shall not uncircumcision203 which is by1537 nature,5449 if it TELOS5055 the3588 law,3551 judge2919 thee,4571 who by1223 the letter1121 and2532 circumcision4061 dost transgress3848 the law?3551

(Romans 6:21) What5101 fruit2590 (3767) had2192 ye then5119 in1909 those things whereof3739 ye are now ashamed?1870, 3568 for1063 the3588 TELOS5056 of those things1565 is death.2288

(Romans 6:22) But1161 now3570 being made free1659 from575 sin,266 and1161 become servants1402 to God,2316 ye have2192 your5216 fruit2590 unto1519 holiness,38 and1161 the3588 TELOS5056 everlasting166 life.2222

(Romans 10:4) For1063 Christ5547 is the TELOS5056 of the law3551 for1519 righteousness1343 to every one3956 that believeth.4100

(Romans 12:2) And2532 be not3361 conformed4964 to this5129 world:165 but235 be ye transformed3339 by the3588 renewing342 of your5216 mind,3563 that ye5209 may prove1381 what5101 is that good,18 and2532 acceptable,2101 and2532 TELOS,5046 will2307 of God.2316

(Romans 13:6) For1063 for this cause1223, 5124 TELOS5055 ye tribute5411 also:2532 for1063 they are1526 God’s2316 ministers,3011 attending continually4342 upon1519 this very thing.5124, 846

(Romans 13:7) Render591 therefore3767 to all3956 their dues:3782 tribute5411 to whom3588 tribute5411 is due; custom5056 to whom3588 TELOS;5056 fear5401 to whom3588 fear;5401 honor5092 to whom3588 honor.5092

(Romans 15:28) When therefore3767 I have TELOS2005 this,5124 and2532 have sealed4972 to them846 this5126 fruit,2590 I will come565 by1223 you5216 into1519 Spain.4681

1 Corinthians

(1 Corinthians 1:8) Who3739 shall also2532 confirm950 you5209 unto2193 the TELOS,5056 that ye may be blameless410 in1722 the3588 day2250 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

(1 Corinthians 2:6) Howbeit1161 we speak2980 wisdom4678 among1722 them that are TELOS:5046 yet1161 not3756 the wisdom4678 of this5127 world,165 nor3761 of the3588 princes758 of this5127 world,165 that come to naught:2673

(1 Corinthians 10:11) Now1161 all3956 these things5023 happened4819 unto them1565 for examples:5179 and1161 they are written1125 for4314 our2257 admonition,3559 upon1519 whom3739 the3588 TELOS5056 of the3588 world165 are come.2658

(1 Corinthians 13:10) But1161 when3752 that which is TELOS5046 is come,2064 then5119 that3588 which is in1537 part3313 shall be done away.2673

(1 Corinthians 14:20) Brethren,80 be1096 not3361 children3813 in understanding:5424 howbeit235 in malice2549 be ye children,3515 but1161 in understanding5424 be1096 TELOS.5046

(1 Corinthians 15:24) Then1534 cometh the3588 TELOS,5056 when3752 he shall have delivered up3860 the3588 kingdom932 to God,2316 even2532 the Father;3962 when3752 he shall have put down2673 all3956 rule746 and2532 all3956 authority1849 and2532 power.1411

2 Corinthians

(2 Corinthians 1:13) For1063 we write1125 none3756 other things243 unto you,5213 than235, 2228 what3739 ye read314 or2228, (2532) acknowledge;1921 and1161 I trust1679 ye shall(3754) acknowledge1921 even2532 to2193 the TELOS;5056

(2 Corinthians 3:13) And2532 not3756 as2509 Moses,3475 which put5087 a veil2571 over1909 his1438 face,4383 that the3588 children5207 of Israel2474 could not3361 steadfastly look816 to1519 the3588 TELOS5056 of that which is abolished:2673

(2 Corinthians 7:1) Having2192 therefore3767 these5025 promises,1860 dearly beloved,27 let us cleanse2511 ourselves1438 from575 all3956 filthiness3436 of the flesh4561 and2532 spirit,4151 TELOS2005 holiness42 in1722 the fear5401 of God.2316

(2 Corinthians 8:6) Insomuch that we2248 desired3870 Titus,5103 that2443 as2531 he had begun,4278 so3779 he would also2532 TELOS2005 in1519 you5209 the3588 same5026 grace5485 also.2532

(2 Corinthians 8:11) (1161) Now3570 therefore2532 TELOS2005 the3588 doing4160 of it; that3704 as2509 there was a readiness4288 to will,2309 so3779 there may be a performance2005 also2532 out of1537 that which ye have.2192

(2 Corinthians 11:15) Therefore3767 it is no3756 great thing3173 if1499 his846 ministers1249 also be transformed3345 as5613 the ministers1249 of righteousness;1343 whose3739 TELOS5056 shall be2071 according2596 to their846 works.2041

(2 Corinthians 12:9) And2532 he said2046 unto me,3427 My3450 grace5485 is sufficient714 for thee:4671 for1063 my3450 strength1411 is made TELOS5048 in1722 weakness. Most gladly769 therefore3767 will I rather3123 glory2744 in1722 my3450 infirmities,769 that2443 the3588 power1411 of Christ5547 may rest1981 upon1909 me.1691


(Galatians 3:3) Are2075 ye so3779 foolish?453 having begun1728 in the Spirit,4151 are ye now3568 TELOS2005 by the flesh?4561

(Galatians 5:16) This I say3004 then,1161 Walk4043 in the Spirit,4151 and2532 ye shall not3364 TELOS5055 the lust1939 of the flesh.4561


(Ephesians 4:13) Till3360 we all3956 come2658 in1519 the3588 unity1775 of the3588 faith,4102 and2532 of the3588 knowledge1922 of the3588 Son5207 of God,2316 unto1519 a TELOS5046 man,435 unto1519 the measure3358 of the stature2244 of the3588 fullness4138 of Christ:5547


(Philippians 1:6) Being confident3982 of this very thing,5124, 848 that3754 he which hath begun1728 a good18 work2041 in1722 you5213 TELOS2005 it until891 the day2250 of Jesus2424 Christ:5547

(Philippians 3:12) Not3756 as though3754 I had already2235 attained,2983 either2228 were already TELOS:5048, 2235 but1161 I follow after,1377 if that1499 I may apprehend2638 that for1909 which3739 also2532 I am apprehended2638 of5259 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

(Philippians 3:15) Let us therefore,3767 as many as3745 be TELOS,5046 be thus minded:5426, 5124 and2532 if in any thing1536 ye be otherwise minded,5426, 2088 God2316 shall reveal601 even2532 this5124 unto you.5213

(Philippians 3:19) Whose3739 TELOS5056 is destruction,684 whose3739 God2318 is their belly,2836 and2532 whose glory1391 is in1722 their846 shame,152 who mind5426 earthly things.)1919


(Colossians 1:28) Whom3739 we2249 preach,2605 warning3560 every3956 man,444 and2532 teaching1321 every3956 man444 in1722 all3956 wisdom;4678 that2443 we may present3936 every3956 man444 TELOS5046 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus:2424

(Colossians 3:14) And1161 above1909 all3956 these things5125 put on charity,26 which3748 is2076 the bond4886 of TELOS.5047

(Colossians 4:12) Epaphras,1889 who3588 is one of1537 you,5216 a servant1401 of Christ,5547 saluteth782 you,5209 always3842 laboring fervently75 for5228 you5216 in1722 prayers,4335 that2443 ye may stand2476 TELOS5046 and2532 PLEROMA4137 in1722 all3956 the will2307 of God.2316

1 Thessalonians

(1 Thessalonians 2:16) Forbidding2967 us2248 to speak2980 to the3588 Gentiles1484 that2443 they might be saved,4982 to fill up378 their848 sins266 always:3842 for1161 the3588 wrath3709 is come5348 upon1909 them846 to1519 the TELOS.5056

1 Timothy

(1 Timothy 1:5) Now1161 the3588 TELOS5056 of the3588 commandment3852 is2076 charity26 out of1537 a pure2513 heart,2588 and2532 of a good18 conscience,4893 and2532 of faith4102 unfeigned:505

2 Timothy

(2 Timothy 4:7) I have fought75 a good2570 fight,73 I have TELOS5055 my course,1408 I have kept5083 the3588 faith:4102

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