Peacemakers – remove contempt

Russell Minick

Blessed are the peacemakers,

for they shall be called God’s children.

 {Mt 5: 9 seems to be explained in 5:21–26}

5:21,22 = Heard not to murder?  Listen, don’t even start by:

careless with anger toward people – you could get arrested.

speaking carelessly to people – you could go to federal court.

speaking cruelly to people – you are in danger of the burning trash pit.

5:23,24 = About to offer worship?  Don’t bother until you pursue peace.

leave the worship

find your bro’ and make peace

then worship the God who makes peace

5:25,26 = Even if my heart changes, and I get up and go to them, is it worth it?

Be practical, accommodating and quick.

Failure to resolve conflict will cost you dearly.  Fact.


God is a peacemaker.  You are God’s.  Be a peacemaker.

Seriously.  It’s the blessed way to live!

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