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I am back. I have missed broadcasting message with the hope that it is going to form into a conversation or something close. I was away partly because I have been in an odd type of space travel. Leaving Thailand, bouncing around more than a dozen places in the US (MI1, MI2, TX3, TX4, TX5, FL6, VA7, NC8, NC9, TX 10, TX11, TX12) in fewer than a dozen weeks, leaving Hannah, doing lots of non-reflective work (admin) as well as the fun of friends and family… anyway, it has been disorienting. Now we are in London and 3 weeks into it feels like real permanence (relatively speaking).

Also, I have been preparing to make a shift. I am scheming a site that is more intentionally directed at university students and people looking into the Way of Jesus. will be that site. There is a good bit of work to be sorted out (purpose, audience, design, etc.). In the mean time I just want to talk out loud. As far as I know this blog only registers with a handful of friends anyway. So, will be shifting to my more personal insights (typical vanity blog). will be where I seek to write more carefully and will try to build connections to others. Eventually this blog may be replaced entirely, but for now I just want to think publicly.


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  1. Dear Russ,I have been “lurking” (I think that is the term) around this blog for a couple weeks without making a comment. I would look forward to being part of an ongoing conversation with you. I am glad you are getting settled where you are and getting that planted feeling after all your travels. I sent you an email a couple weeks ago, not sure if you got it, but figured you were very much in transit. I am new to the blog part of the net. As you know, following the lectionary, I have been engaging with Matthew as we are preaching through it at the moment, and especially in learning the various pericopes, get some intuitive sense of how the gospel is shaped by the way Matthew gives it form. For example, order seems quite important to Matthew, and motivation often uses quite striking hyperbole, such as this past Sunday where the king, in his anger, sends the unforgiving slave to be tortured until he repays the entire debt, then says, “So will my heavenly Father do to each of you if you do not forgive your brother or sister from your heart.” Pretty expreme, harsh words. Its like, OK, this IS important!Christine and I send our love to all your family. Here’s hoping you are meeting many who will put the kettle on for you.Grace and peace,Stephen Hoffman

  2. So glad you are back on line- I miss your teaching and look forward to reading more of your thoughts and being apart of the “silent group” who come and read your other blog. Hope you close out this month well… You and the fam… are in our thoughts daily!

  3. Thanks Melissa, I will be looking to develop it more attentively now that it fits along the lines of my direct responsibilities.Thanks for the updates of your family. It looks like you guys are thriving!

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