poem of the day: Age of Men?

Is this then the Age of Men?

Spandex doesn’t hide anything

with it’s breath-tight grip.
That’s why the heroes wear it
to show they have nothing to conceal.
No gaping wounds, no trick knees
not even the ridge of a scar
to tempt thoughts of mortality.
So here they come
flying to the rescue
without even the dust upon their feet.
How great to be the Untouchables
saving the untouchables.
What happened to the knights of old
carrying their virtue like a weight
across their shoulders in iron?
They knew what a dangerous thing
it was to claim to be
anything more than human.
To come thundering instead of gliding
with the hours of travel behind them
weary and worn with armour chafing
but arrive ready for battle.
What sacrifice in defense when
your smile is kevlar thin
and if you seem to die it’s only
in order to emerge alive again?
Rather ride with mortality astride
looking for the red dawn
for justice and for peace
and the fear that would freeze
the best of these
if they could ever feel it.
So here to the weary warriors
who have seen too much of dark
here to sharpened swords and dulled armour
to truth and justice and fear
all wrapped in one.
And for the invincible, the sure
a suit of spandex with nothing to hide
and nothing inside.
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