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some guys from a church wanna talk to me tomorrow.  they may just want pulpit supply, but might discuss and interim role.  so, i need to think.  what do i have to offer a medium-large suburban church?

since being back in the US, i’ve been to a variety of churches and listened to a range of preachers.  the first thing i’ve noticed is how light on substance most messages are.  there is very little looking intently into the text.  there are little hand outs with blanks to fill in.  “This is a good __________ style for adults”.

sometimes i just can’t make eye contact, cuz i don’t want to show how uncomfortable i am.  especially when humor is used badly, as when it puts someone down.  or when there is an urge to sound like a ‘powerful preacher’ and the guy just scolds people.  happens too often.

i have heard some decent messages, and a couple of good ones.  i’ve been impressed by a lutheran guy with a very traditional style who just handled the text well.  and, i have enjoyed the mega church pastor where we have been who tends to have a lean but fit message.  there isn’t a lot of time to work with, and he needs to be clever and pro, but he still manages good substance.  respect.

so what do i have?  i’m not sure.  i know i don’t have a stand up comedian thing to offer.  and i don’t have very good fill in the _____ sheets to hand out.  the best i have to offer is a willingness to draw out the flow of the argument in a book and try and let the book talk for itself.  at least that is what i have been able to do in the past.  am i up for it these days?

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