Restoration > Retribution

Non-redemptive blaming fails everyone.

Yes, there are willfully bad people who need justice served. No one could honestly deny that.

Black Lives Matter vs Trump

However, most people (we social media pundits included) are deeply entangled with complex dynamics of suffering injustices while also returning injustices in very unhelpful ways. These cycles can be broken with reality based HOPE.

Specifically related to police and communities currently protesting police:

  • Some cops do have dangerous biases and do need to be renewed or removed from the force.
  • Some citizens do have dangerous intentions and actions and need to be renewed or removed from the streets.

In both directions we must keep restarting with a vision of redemption and restorative development. Punitive judgment should be a regrettable last resort, not a reinforced default posture.

The Prodigal Son – Fr. Sieger Koder

Restoration > Retribution

That is my personal commitment.
Will you make it yours as well?

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