MT 6:25-34 Root 1 of 3 – Physical needs rooted in the God who made me

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I am trying to buy clothes that are appropriate for my new identity as a Houston Heights resident who works with the missions team at Houston’s First Baptist.  It can be complicated.  I can start worrying about all sorts of things:

size. cost. style. variety.

Should I buy sizes that fit how I am now, or should I wait to buy clothes after I lose 10 pounds?  I want things that look right.  I don’t want too look rich, and I don’t want to spend too much money, but I also don’t want to look like I’m trekking among villagers in rural Asia.  I have a new context.  If I buy dark trousers do I also need to buy dark shoes?  Are black socks ok, or do I need brown ones too?  Oh my.

That’s only part of the problem.  I also have to figure out what to eat, especially while Karla is gone.  Flavor?  Fat?  Costs?  Convenience?  I went to eat at a cool little diner near my house.  An omelet was $10.  I was conflicted.  I sacrificed health reasoning for economic reasoning and ordered French Toast made from croissants.  At least that helps me give up worrying about whether to wait to buy smaller sized clothes.

Worrying.  I have physical needs and I need to deal with that.  Jesus responds to this basic human concern with fairly basic advice: Start with focusing on God’s rule and rightness and you will manage better than if you invest in worry as a key part of your strategy.

But what about all my questions?  He doesn’t tell me how to resolve my budget or style concerns.  He essentially says I should not invest too much time on that.  IF I put the bulk of my time focusing on God as my creator and sustainer, even when thinking about caring for and clothing my body, I’ll be better off.

God made the world I live in.  God made me.  Sticking close to God is the first and most essential priority in meeting physical needs.  From there, go ahead and work through the very real issue of what color socks to buy.  Fair enough.


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