Running through the hand off

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Late in 1995 Karla and I made a decision. We would accelerate graduate work and leave for China within the year. I took more than a double load of classes while serving at Antioch Baptist Church as associate and pastoring Nueva Esperanza. We sprinted hard raising support, liquidating possessions, vaccinating Hannah (5), Sophie (4) and Isaiah (3). We said our fair wells and arrived in Kunming in August 1996.

December 27, 2007 we are scheduled to fly out of Kunming. That will be the closing of the door for the decision Karla and I made walking on Somerset St. in Roxboro NC over a decade ago. Though the SD work will always be part of our hearts, our leadership role will be completed. We will have run our portion of the race.

When we finish our race it is not because we have reached the end; there is no tape for us to break. We are running toward the next leg of the SD race with our baton extended toward the open hand of the Cokers. We want to finish our portion strong so they can take things forward into a new phase. The countdown is on. 17 days to run hard and focused. Lord grant us the grace to finish with all we have.

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