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An idea about how things get done:

Should = something comes to your mind and you value it, treasure it, in some way. Don’t confuse this with reluctantly conceding to someone else “Yeah, I know, I should do that, but…” This is not necessarily to someone else. This is you talking convincingly to you. Hmmm, yes, all things considered, I really do think that doing that is better than not doing that. I want to do that. I really should do that! {also = Vision)
Can = this is the means by which something actually happens. I ‘should’ save money. If I use SKYPE instead of calling long distance, I CAN actually save money. In our discussion of the cycle of change, this can includes positive (put on) and negative (put off) things which by adding or subtracting actually make it possible to achieve progress toward what we should do; what we treasure. (also = Means)
Will = actually connecting what you treasure (what you should do/be) with what you actually “do/don’t do” over time. This is ‘live out‘. It is also what is meant by enduring, persevering, not quitting, letting ______ keep happening. (also = Intention)
VIM = Vision Intention Means, as per Dallas Willard (should/will/can)
VRM = Vision, Resources, Momentum as per TelosXelot (Should/can/will)
The point I am focusing on is primarily the importance of knowing the reality of how people do stuff. That is a fairly basic and universal process.
The next point is focusing on the uniquely Christian aspects of “treasuring” compared to other views of what to treasure. Correspondingly, the whole cycle of following through from our treasuring becomes important.
An issue: Some Evangelical obsession with 16th century debates have at times undermined our awareness that ‘sanctification’, spiritual maturity, seeking first His Kingdom, etc. is not significantly different in process than any other human process of change. The fear of ‘works righteousness’ has lead to confusion on what to do with the un-earnable gift of salvation. Far too often we undermine maturation processes with the excuse of being loyal to grace. But grace is God’s generous empowerment to receive and do what He wants us to receive and do. In other words, actively processing this Should/Can/Will in our pursuit of spiritual maturity appropriately will require an ongoing experiencing of grace in every step. God graciously illumines our understanding of what is truly worth treasuring. God gives us the strength to say no to things which undermine our treasure, he graciously provides what we need to put on to achieve the treasure and he graciously provides the power to endure over time in pursuit of that treasure.
more to follow
Choose something small, ask why SHOULD you do it? How CAN you do it? And then How WILL you do it to completion?
For everyone who intentionally overcomes, in almost any challenge, this is how it happens.
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