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New Church plant idea: simply Sundays.
The idea grew out of a particular context, where everyone’s life was busy and full of opportunities for learning, service, fun, etc.  The church did not need to duplicate, or compete, with all that others were doing.  The church offered one thing: a focused time of informed reassurance.

For Sunday mornings our Sojos group would gather for snacks, chit chat, and eventually gather around for a time of singing acoustic songs, a bit of prayer, and an expositional teaching time.  It all led to a reflective time consummated with the Lord’s supper.  That was our offering of reassurance that our loyalty was to Christ, and our receiving of reassurance that He was, is and will be sufficient for all we need.  That was about it.

So, what about kids, youth, service, demographically focused Bible study groups, community outings?  Nope.  Just Sundays.  We kept it simple.  No sign up for VBS, for campouts, for the next great study… Just Sunday worship together with the Lord’s supper as the climax.

But, the youth would get together to further process the study… on their own.  The women would often choose to meet Tuesday afternoons at 2pm.  The men on Thursday mornings at Sojos cafe’.  But there was no sign up, no announcements.  Everything beyond the simple Sunday morning worship was done exclusively through natural relational lines.

Could that work in suburban USA?  Imagine a church that recognizes that people are very busy.  You show up for church and there are no surprises.  It is a time to reflect on God’s goodness, learn from his Word, and enjoy fellowship at His table, as part of His family.  And it is enough.

You then go on to your life, and you seek to grow and live and serve in and amongst the world around you.  Other Christians can help you, and you can join them, but it is more organic than institutional.  Missional, but with a familiar format for a simple Sunday time of gathering.

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