Skimming Review of Ephesians so Far

I frequently retrace the ideas we have covered so far. Because I go from idea to idea the words are not necessarily the same each time. This makes basic learning difficult, but intermediate learning much more successful.

I would also like everyone planning to be in church on Sunday to have re-worked through Ephesians 1-3 and to have started working through Ephesians 4 for this Sunday.

Shalom! Russell

1:1-14 We are blessed to be adopted as real children with real security and a real purpose. We are forgiven for living against God’s purposes so that we can live according to his purposes. His purpose is that we live out the blessings of his grace making his glory known.

1:15-23 Because you trust the LORD (faith)
And you love the family of those who trust the LORD
I ask the LORD to give you wisdom to appreciate the hope

2:1-22 Before God’s grace saved you, you were spiritually dead and acted like it. Now you are a new creation intended to live a purposeful life for God’s glory. The Jews who have carried the promise of the Messiah, and the non-Jews who have been brought into the promise, are now one under the Lord. We are to be a community of people in whose midst God’s glory dwells.

3:1-21 So the prayer is for the church to understand the unfathomably expansive love such that God’s wisdom of redeeming us may make his glory known to all, including the rebellious spirits.

4 So God has given the church what it needs to grow up in unity through diversity

5 This will result in rejecting ways that lead to confusion and instead, by God’s spirit, lead to connection

6 With that in mind be intentional about living to God’s way, not the demonic way of rebellion.

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