Sojos Church 2007-8

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SojoS Church 2007-8

We are Sojourners, passing through this world.  Because the age we live in is so transitory, God has given us a design for community that corresponds to such changes.  In Christ we are part of a family that does not break up, and we are seeking a city that cannot be shaken.  On that journey we are called to assemble ourselves together with the family members around us.  June 2007 saw the scattering of a number of family members who have been part of our local assembly.  Since July, we have been forming up a fresh group.  Some remain from before, others are being added from other church assemblies or as new members in the family through repentance and baptism.  We have patiently wandered in this transition for a couple of months, and now we are ready to set up our tents for a season.

This Sunday we will present a vision for the church and a fresh invitation for membership.  Russell will continue to be an elder and has invited Dan Scott to share in that responsibility.  As elders we are to be responsible to ensure that we have a church assembly that honors Christ as the chief overseer (elder / shepherd).  We are responsible to live out the faith and to lead others in living out the faith.  Of great importance is living out the faith through the exercising of your gifts and experiences in Christ.  We are to do our best to see that you are growing in your character and the use of that character in service as part of the Kingdom of royal priests. 

Now that I have slipped into the language of Zion, let me translate: Dan and I will be in charge of making sure we have a group of people who are actually building on the wisdom of Jesus.  We are all supposed to be getting better at learning and living that wisdom in ways that are similar, but also unique.  God has made each of us to serve him and others and the church is the group of people who help us all do that.

Why Dan and Russell?  Simply put, we have direct experience in elder functions and we sense that God has lead our families together to serve in that way for now.

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