Spiritual Emphasis Weak

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Last night I went to music mania. Lot of fun. Gave me an image of the crowd I’ll be speaking to this week. A bunch of MKs with some weird taste in music (and humor). So, what will it be… a week of cheesiness, or is there a way to spice stuff up a bit? I thought of asking the Tenacious D – or the Zombies of the Apocalypse… (is that right) to do the warm up bit for our music before speaking. Hmmmm. Wouldn’t be weak!

What we will do is consider what the apostle Peter has to say after all the stuff he experienced. Miracles, visions, conflict and all… what advice does he give? Hint: It isn’t “How to walk on water and not get distracted by the waves in 3 easy steps”. 2 Pt 1 will be our text Monday morning.


thelastletter.org will be a reference point. What are we on about?? That’ll be the question.

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