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Can’t do skinny jeans.  Don’t have enough hair to gel it up in shaped allusions to spontaneously unconcerned.  Ties never made sense.  I don’t golf, so I don’t want those shirts.  I’m not a lumberjack, nor the son of a lumberjack.  Not sure how to follow the lines of style to substance.

But how does one find the way from substance to style?  Serpentine movements, probably.  Even there is the challenge of coalescence of primacy.  Somehow definitive themes have to emerge and elicit expression in style.  
Funny, though.  The substance initiated style then directs future substance, or at the very least, a tension for transition.  Continuity and discontinuity vying for validation.
Then there are groups and their effects on substance style cycles.  I’m watching a Fleet Foxes video and wondering what was the process that lead to their shoe choices.  Several have loafers.  I bet there is something to that.  But not much.
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  1. W.H. Auden:

    Only animals who are below civilization and the angels who are beyond it can be sincere. Human beings are, necessarily, actors who cannot become something before they have first pretended to be it; and they can be divided, not into the hypocritcal and the sincere, but into the sane who know they are acting and the insane who do not.
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  2. Hmm. “Worse than telling a lie is spending the rest of your life staying true to a lie.” (Robert Brault)According to the Christian hope, there must be, if not always possible due to sin, moments of sincerity. To suppose that one could remain 'sane' while always pretending to sincerity (or like virtues) which he does not possess over reaches the argument of man's depravity. Then, to suppose that man, even with the grace of God, is only capable of admitting to himself of his depravity, (or confess to others) is both a parody and a paradox: the tensions to be honest and yet walk in a manner worthy of our principles if not our emotions (even if our principles are urged by poor vanities)are urged upon us, time and again and to the good. If we act better than we feel, it is lady wisdom who whispers in our ears and convicts our wayward hearts. Russ, I see your point but I think you and WH Auden should consider mine.

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