Plunging allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven

Russell Minick

1st we should think: “God is in charge”. 
2nd we should not think: “our view of God is in charge”. 3rd wrong thinking is helped by rethinking: Change your thinking!  God is in charge, here and now!!” REPENT, the Kingdom of Heaven is coming!  This is the good news.  God as king is good news.
  Wait, I thought 1 Corinthians 15 was the good news?!  Death, burial, resurrection…  Well, yes, but we read the whole chapter.  The point of the death burial resurrection is that it is the pivotal part of …

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper in The STORY

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Actions make sense in relation to a story. Sports are that way. When you watch your kid play a sport, every movement is meaningful. Why? It isn’t necessarily because kids’ athletics are such high quality entertainment in and of themselves, it is because it is part of the story of their lives. You see them facing their fears, expressing themselves; all a continuation of their story, which you know so well. The same is even true of professional sports. To really enjoy a game you almost need to know some …