Bible exposition

Daniel 5 for the Grove

DanielCh. 5 What the text says… Meanings to consider… 1-4 King of Babylon mocks God… Evidence for success without God can be gathered… 5-9 Weird writing freaks them out… Evidence for our success without God is not enough when we have to face our limitations… 10-12 Queen reminds them about God’s prophet… Evidence for God’s grace in our lives …

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Biblical Story

Daniel’s Aramaic Message- don’t be fooled by worldly power, God is greater

Chapter 1 Introduces the Hebrew plight. Chapter 2 (v 4) begins the Aramaic section, going through chapter 7 Chapters 2/3/4-567 are in the broader language of the ancient world (Aramaic) and have a basic message highlighted by the structure of this section. 2 – Dream about kingdoms shows that God is sovereign and gives revelation …

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